Automatic and Manual Transmissions

As a fully qualified and experienced automatic transmission repair service we are able to successfully work with all major vehicle makes and models automatic transmissions.

If your vehicle is not able to be driven, we are happy to arrange to have your car towed in, then I’ll take a look at your automatic transmission problem and give you a detailed assessment for FREE.


“I tow vehicles all over the Gold Coast and I know when I take a car to Keith’s workshop it will be well cared for. It’s no wonder he’s become one of my most popular drop offs” Frankā€¦..Quickeze Towing, Southport

Many of todays automatic transmissions require servicing every 40,000klm under normal driving conditions. As an automatic gearbox repair specialist on the Gold Coast,we service many makes and models of automatic transmissions.

From small front wheel drive cars to larger vehicles, we can provide regular automatic transmission services that will extend the working life of your gearbox.

Transmission and differential services are an important maintenance service for all vehicles. Our experienced team will ensure your vehicle transmission is working efficiently and properly. Differentials and manual transmissions require lube services only on a regular basis.

A well maintained auto transmission is vital to performance and smooth gear changes. Call us today to book your automatic transmission service or automatic transmission repair.

Your transmission is responsible for the transfer of drive from the engine to the wheels. It would only take an ongoing oil leak or loose band adjustment to bring your car quickly to a stop requiring an expensive tow not to mention how far from home you and your family might be.

Our transmission staff are fully trained, experienced tradesman who specialize in the repairs of automatic transmissions. We have years of experienced in the operation of torque convertors, automatic transmission hydraulic and electronic controls, valve body repairs, drive line noises, vibrations and common problems.

Our manual and automatic transmission services include:

– Service and repairs of transmissions for all makes and models

– Automatic and manual transmission rebuilds

– Automatic and manual transmission replacement

– Installing fully reconditioned transmissions